Rome Bridal Week interviews Francesca Campa of Scenari Sposa

Among the excited visitors for the start of the New Edition of Rome Bridal Week, from March 23 to 25, 2024, at Fiera di Roma, is also Scenari Sposa. We interviewed Francesca Campa, the founder of the famous Milanese atelier, to better understand how the main bridal retailers experience this anticipation.

Can you describe your store? Where is it located, how many years has it been in existence, and which brands does it focus on the most?
The Scenari Sposa atelier is a small bridal gown boutique located in one of the liveliest and most beautiful areas of Milan: Brera, recognized as the zone of artists and design. It’s the quintessential neighborhood for Milanese, with the market in Piazza San Marco and bicycles speeding along Via Solferino. Outdoor cafes and aperitifs are common because the venues are always small. Journalists and writers are glimpsed in the establishments. It’s undoubtedly the area of my city that I love the most.
The atelier was born 12 years ago and had to maintain the characteristic ambiance of the area. When you step inside, you should feel welcomed: small and intimate rooms, soft lighting, music, and sweets accompany the dress selection journey. A journey of awareness during which the bride can decide between the tailor-made creation of her dream dress or purchase from the various models and styles available in the atelier. This possibility to create but also to choose from what already exists allows the future bride to engage with many different styles.
When I choose a brand, I analyze it not so much based on its market popularity (I tend not to pick overly known brands) but for its ability to maintain an authentic style, not succumbing to trends.

I love brands that identify as Poesie Sposa, two incredible designers experimenting with new trends: Leila Hafzi, a designer who has consistently prioritized sustainability, and Morena, a young woman infusing her Sicilian tradition into her dresses with the flair of her youth.

2023: What were the bride’s preferred choices in the past year?

In 2023, I witnessed a return to high-quality products at the right price. There was a demand for lighter fabrics and sleeves in all their expressions.

What will change in 2024? What are the new trends and the new requests from brides?

In 2024, I still foresee the presence of visible and puffy sleeves, romantic volumes, and mix-and-matchable dresses.

Events in 2024: Rome Bridal Week will open the calendar of trade fairs. Will we see you in the fair’s corridors? What would you like to find? Which brands will you focus on?

Certainly, I will participate in the fair, and I hope to find a lot of Made in Italy, emerging designers, and memorable dresses. I will focus on original brands, not too unconventional, and the fabric will make a difference in my choices. Brides who come to me recognize the quality of fabrics and the wonderful veils that frame incomparable looks.