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How to submit your request

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How to submit your request

Rome Bridal Week is an event for established brands, well known for their refined design, the superior quality of their products and the precision of their customer service. To ensure that all exhibitors meet our exacting standards, it is imperative that applicants meet the established requirements.
For detailed information on the event, costs and the request form, contact our sales department at Candidates who pass the selection will be notified within four days of receiving the completed form. The Rome Bridal Week team will be there to help you in any way they can.


Criteria for exhibitors

The exhibition commission will analyze:

  • That the brand is stable and established, and that the company has been operating for at least two years.
  • The positioning of the brand and its reputation within its market segment.
  • A proven success in the quality of customer service.
  • The distribution network, with details of existing customers in Europe and abroad.
  • The price range
  • Four commercial references.


The advantages of participating in this important event

  • Direct access to your target audience. Rome Bridal Week benefits from the fruits of dedicated and high-level international marketing, designed to create brand awareness and attract quality retailers who want to invest in the next season.
  • An exclusive and elegant environment where your brand is the main attraction.
  • Exposure within the target market – we will bring together existing operators in the sector together with new customers to develop your business.
  • The opportunity to be presented in the Bridal Biz magazine, which reaches about 3,500 quality retailers.

Enter the world of Rome Bridal Week

Discover the world of Rome Bridal Week, the event that opens the Calendar of Bridal Weeks in Europe.
The Management reserves the right to approve requests for participation.


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