Rome Bridal Week Interview with Angela Mori from Le Spose di Mori

From the heart of Tuscany to Fiera di Roma: Mrs. Angela Mori, from Le Spose di Mori, has also chosen to participate in the New Edition of Rome Bridal Week, from March 23rd to 25th, 2024, to discover in advance the new trends and bring something new and truly exclusive to her atelier.

Can you describe your shop? Where is it located, how many years has it been in existence, and which brands do you focus on the most?
Our shop is very large and is divided into three distinct parts. Ground floor, with entrance and reception. On the left: development of the Groom area. Divided into six separate parts and a VIP Room.
Basement, with bar, Groom storage area, tailoring.
On the raised floor, ceremony and ready-to-wear for men and women.
First floor Bride: entrance reception, with a niche for displaying bridal gowns. From here, corridors lead to the five corners dedicated to choosing the dress of dreams.
For those who want to access the most exclusive brands, we have a Bride VIP Room.
The shop is located in Tuscany: the dream of weddings in the hills among olive groves and vineyards or in historic villas with amazing frescoes. We are located in San Miniato, a small village famous for white truffles and equidistant from almost all the provinces of the region.
The shop has existed since the late 1800s. My great-grandfather sold fabrics in the farmyards; my grandfather sold linens in houses he reached by carriage; my dad, with the advent of assembly lines in 1961, started selling clothing.
So, a little later, Le Spose was founded by my mother around the 1970s.
The brands I focus on are all: the selection is dictated by emotions and personal stimuli generated by the requests of the brides.

2023: what were the favorite choices of the bride in the past year?
The brides of 2023 were more uncertain, more insecure, but still numerous. The demand in 2023 was for predominantly white, non-embroidered dresses, more important like a Princess. Fewer mermaids, many cady, crêpe de chine, mikado, less lace.

What will change in 2024? What are the new trends and the new requests of the brides?
What do I predict for 2024?
If companies move towards globalization, many tailoring shops will be seen under one owner. Consequently, market dynamics will change.
The high-end market is a bit complicated, but ambitious… and I like challenges!
Trends for 2024: more romantic dresses (the ones that warm the heart!), flowers of all sizes, cloaks, or MINIMAL, the ESSENTIAL, all white.
Girls in 2023 appreciated the presence of the designer in the atelier. The choice will always be the dress that says: I’M GETTING MARRIED!

Events in 2024: Rome Bridal Week will open the calendar of trade fair events. Will we see you in the aisles of the fair? What would you like to find? Which brands will you focus on?
I would like to come to Rome too, especially now that I have met ELENA!
What would I like to find? I would say something exclusive, novelty, yes… especially novelty! The brands will be, as always, the ones that stimulate me the most.